A mom who conceived in rape at age 18, Cassaundra unapologetically rips the taboo off the most abused and feared topic in the abortion discussion - rape. She unflinchingly tells the story of being the mom everyone told her she couldn’t be while empowering her audiences with the hidden truth behind rape and abortion.

Cassaundra's award-winning journalism, marketing and legal background paired with her personal story of resilience, determination and courage silences and exposes the deceptive abortion industry. Cassaundra dives below the depths to show the dark truth and evil of an industry that has made billions of dollars off PLANNED deception. Their model of eugenics, racism, murder began - and continues - with targeting vulnerable women in desperation and crisis.

Cassaundra's natural self-deprecating humor and willingness to be painfully raw makes her a popular guest on podcasts and with parents, teens and pro-life men and women seeking more. In relentless pursuit to end violence against all children, Cassaundra uses interactive, creative, novel workshops and lectures pushing her audiences out of their comfort zones while arming them with tangible tools for actionable change.


SCIENCE & truth

Science remains the biggest hurdle for the abortion industry that uses deceptive marketing to target vulnerable young women for profit. We expose the truth behind the twisted and hidden science the industry can't afford to have exposed.

RAPE & abortion

Emotionally manipulative arguments that rape victims need abortion aren't backed by fact nor by studies and aren't the majority opinion of mothers who raise their beloved children conceived in rape. We provide the facts so you can speak with authority.

LAW & disorder

Roe V. Wade never had constitutional foundation nor did it give women a right to abortion. Roe gave abortionists that right. We give you the truth behind the decision, the overturn and the legal future for the innocent, the criminal and the industry.







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